How / Why This Works

Maybe you’ve heard “Twitter is like a cocktail party.” To us, curating a targeted following and a fascinating feed is like making you the guest of honor at the right cocktail party, so we can introduce you to all the right people.

People ready and willing to help you grow.

When you have a Twitter feed that represents the very best of who you are and what you believe, you’ll not only meet potential clients, partners, even mentors – you’ll connect with an audience who will fall in love with the way you do business.

There’s both an art and a science to building a Twitter following that produces results. It’s easy to do the wrong way, which fills your followers list with people who aren’t interested in you or what you do.

We do it the right way – the way that sets you apart.

A Better Way of Doing Business

Social media has quickly become one of the most powerful tools for companies large and small to:

  • Grow brand recognition
  • Develop a following of highly targeted leads
  • Build relationships at all stages of the sales cycle
  • Create, encourage and amplify brand advocates
  • Discover collaborative partners
  • Find opportunities to be a quoted “expert”
  • Get invited to be a guest speaker or writer
  • Meet mentors
  • And make friends

Most social media “strategy” begins and ends with spending massive amounts of time and money creating original content to share, or sharing articles and images that have already “gone viral.” We encourage original content, but you can grow your following without adding “publishing” to your overloaded task list. And influencer marketing is fine in moderation.

But if your strategy is to share what everyone else is already sharing, your Twitter feed will look like everyone else’s. And your readers will have no reason to pay attention to you.

Step outside of the echo chamber

Your creativity sets you apart – shouldn’t your Twitter feed? Personalized curated content that is based on what you and your ideal clients love avoids the trap of sounding like everyone else, allowing you to differentiate your brand and build personal relationships based on mutual interests.

It also gives a more diverse range of influencers a chance to rise above the noise and be heard.

This is one of our core values. Because those mainstream influencers? They tend to be about as diverse as a loaf of Wonder Bread.

Socially Responsible Social Media

Promoting diversity is baked into what we do. Each feed and Twitter following is hand-curated, allowing us to find niche influencers and niche audiences that bring you more targeted leads, precisely because they aren’t “mainstream.” We love the mainstream influencers too, but it’s much more rewarding (personally and professionally) to build relationships with lesser known, often marginalized communities.

You’re in the right place if…

You’re an artist, a writer, a photographer, a startup founder or a product manager – whatever the job description, you are a creator. We love that about you. You can count us among your biggest fans. And we want to introduce you to people who can’t wait to join your fan club too.

Who We Are

Authentic Curation is a woman-owned and operated company.

Our team’s specialties include growth hacking, inbound marketing, SaaS and startup consulting, content strategy, and, of course, social media. We are also artists, writers, and entrepreneurs ourselves. This unusual combination of experience and skills makes us the best at growing creative companies.

Our purpose is to bring great brands, great artists, and great writers together with the audiences who’ll love them, and build a more positive, supportive, and diverse online community in the process.


Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré

“Customer success and diversity are the two causes closest to my heart, and I think the best social media leverages both. But there’s also one more vital ingredient to creating a feed that draws people in: your unique personality. That’s what we do here.”

Nichole is a customer success evangelist, SaaS consultant and growth hacker. If you read between the lines that means: She won’t rest until you are successful with her Twitter curation service. And by success, she means your definition of success. More followers? More leads? Amazing, life-changing, career-expanding connections? She’s on it.

Nikki is one of those rare people who is both extremely creative and wickedly analytical. In the party mix that is her, you will find a thought-provoking photographer, a vocal activist for diversity in tech, and a savvy growth marketer who can always tell you what the next big thing will be.

Authentic curation? It’s definitely the next big thing.

Stacey Stormes

“As a social media specialist, I am enchanted with the power of community to engage, spread knowledge, collaborate, and create progress.”

If you want to have a fascinating conversation about art as social practice and throw terms around like “intersections of body and new media art” – Stacey is your gal. She is an instructor in the Media Arts program at Art Institute of Tampa, teaches Video, Animation and Digital Arts at the University of South Florida and has developed an online course on Arts of Resistance for USF.

She not only thinks outside the box – she might just tear down that box and make it into a boat, which won’t just be a boat, it’ll be a visual metaphor for consciousness.

At the core of her work is devotion to truer communication. We think social media could use more of that.

Yasmine Sedky

“Social media tends to highlight design, but within those designs, there has been very little emphasis on diversity. When I create a design, it’s with every member of the audience in mind.”

Yasmine looks at design as the solution to a problem, and she’s been solving problems beautifully for more than 7 years, including web/graphic design, branding, typography, illustration, infographics and app design. Restaurants with poorly designed menus drive her up the wall. But, when she finds a bottle of wine sporting a stunning typeface, she feels much better.

We love her motto: “If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.”

Lauren Van Mullem

“Authentic content marketing is my corner of the universe. I think people are starving for it. Genuine connection with other human beings? Personality in branding? It’s how you find your tribe.”

When more than 140 characters is needed, we call in Lauren, Nichole’s go-to writer. Lauren’s approach to content strategy is grounded in conversion copywriting techniques and a customer success philosophy, but what makes her shine is her ability to capture a client’s unique, authentic voice in the way that will most appeal to their specific audience. Don’t want your sales page to feel “salesy” (but still sell – a lot)? That’s her specialty.